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Mayhems Blitz Basic Cleaning System

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Mayhems Blitz Basic Cleaning System

Mayhems Blitz Basic Cleaning System

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Product Description
"Mayhems Blitz Basic Cleaning System" is a single part highly effective cleaning system for liquid cooling loops. "Mayhems Blitz Basic Cleaning System" is a whole system flush that will not only clean the system it can improve the overall performance of your system.
Even though this is a cleaning solution it is not a long term effective inhibitor. Never leave it in your system longer than 24 hours.
This cleaning system is not safe to use around children and animals. You can dispose of the fluids down the drain once they have been diluted.
·         100ml Mayhems Blitz Part 2  (100ml will make up to 4 Ltrs of cleaning fluid)
·         60ml Messuring Cup (Graduated every 5ml up to 30ml then every 10ml up to 60ml)
·         Rubber Gloves 2 sets (4 single gloves)
·         Safety Goggles (you can still ware your normal glasses at the same time)
·         Set of PH test Strips
·         Instructions
·         Warning Sheet
Part 2 Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning System
·        pH neutral (Ph7 -0.5 / +0.5)
·        Effective neutralisation of contaminants.
·        Good removal of slime, silt & detritus
·        Excellent suspension of particulates
·        Hard water tolerant
·        Can be disposed of down grey-water (waste / outside) drain
·        May Improve heat transfer rate
Usage of Part 2 Mayhems Blitz Pro Cleaning System
1.     Drain existing system contents.
2.     Mix Part two with deionised water / distilled water (either will do) to a ratio of 25ml of Mayhems Blitz part 2 to 975ml of water.
3.     Mayhems Blitz Part 2 will create a lot of foam. Please add to system slowly, do not over fill.
4.     Vent the system of any trapped air. Do this by tilting the pc to release any tapped air from the radiator.
5.     Check for leaks. Using just the pump, recirculate the fluids for 24 hours continuously. Regularly check any installed filters and clean as necessary.
6.     Refill with deionised water / distilled water (either will do).
7.     Run for 30 minutes
8.     Empty out and refill with deionised water / distilled water (either will do)
9.     Run for 30 minutes
10.   Empty out and fill with your favourite coolant.
From the manufacturer

This document and other documents provided pursuant are for informational purposes only. The information type should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of the Supplier. The Supplier cannot guarantee the accuracy of information presented. The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of this document. This document may include screenshots from the manufacturer's website which may be used for multiple variations of this product. The model number supplied at the top of this page (explicitly specified as "Model Number") is the exact model item you will receive.
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